The Project Manager – conductor or one-man band?

There are many different metaphors used to describe Project Managers. So many in fact that you may have cause to ask What the Hell is project Management, Anyway? Project Management metaphors Some of the most common metaphors used include: Sports Coach Military Commander Movie Director While some of the more obscure metaphors include: Batman Lifeguard Cat …

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Getting started with BPMN

BPMN with style

The BPM Resource Centre has some pretty good tutorials for getting started with BPMN. For those who really want to produce top quality BMPN diagrams, I highly recommend BPMN Method and Style by Bruce Silver . Don’t be put off by the second part of the book, the first half is excellent.

CAPTHCA issue with my blog – should be resolved now

I’ve been informed that there is a CAPTCHA issue with posting comments. This obviously slipped through the net when I resurrected this blog. It should be resolved now. It appears that the problem was caused by an incompatibility between the WordPress SI Captcha plug-in and JetPack 2.04.