How to innovate faster than ever before.

Innovation is a hot topic and most organisations realise that they need to innovate just to remain competitive.  But most people still don’t know how cloud computing can dramatically increase their speed of their innovation and their ability to innovate. For the full scoop, check out my latest post about innovation and cloud computing on the IBM’s ThoughtsOnCloud blog.  

Love is in the App.

Still searching for that perfect Valentines day gift for your beloved?  One enterprising young man has developed an App in order to win his ex-girlfriend back. I’ve been wondering how long before we’ll start seeing extremely personalised apps, targeted to very small number of users.  It appears that this may a big step in that direction.  And I guess …

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10 Great Ideas Someone Should Invent

Some innovative and unusual ideas from TechCrunch.  I especially like the idea of turning Klout into real $ – the conversion of online activities into real currency is a curious concept and bound to feature more in the near future.

Blog back up and running

I’ve had a few technical issues with this blog over the last week. the blog is back up and running and I hope to get all the old content back within the next week or so.

72,000 Dreamforce attendees shows that Salesforce has got real mojo.

Forbes reported that Dreamforce (‘s annual love-in) has 72,000 attendees.  eWeek says there are 90,000. My mind boggles at these numbers.  This is the equivalent of a packed-out Sydney Olympic stadium. The largest IT event I’ve attended was IBM’s LotusSphere in Orlando, which had around 10,000 attendees, and I thought that was a big event. If …

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DFQ’s – the learning method for the Facebook generation

How do you educate people in an increasingly time-poor world and one where attention spans seem to be reducing quite dramatically? DFQ is a learning strategy invented by the School Of Thinking and as usual they seem to have been ahead of the pack in developing this technique. The School Of Thinking is an educational organisation …

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