Getting started with BPMN

BPMN with style

The BPM Resource Centre has some pretty good tutorials for getting started with BPMN. For those who really want to produce top quality BMPN diagrams, I highly recommend BPMN Method and Style by Bruce Silver . Don’t be put off by the second part of the book, the first half is excellent.

Open-plan offices reduce productivity by 66%. Is sanity finally prevailing?

open plan office

I’ve never been a fan of open plan offices and according to this TED talk there is some evidence that they may be as unproductive as I have generally found them to be. Update 26/5/2017 Another great article on the subject of open plan offices.

Key communication lessons from the best start-up pitches

  Pitching is no longer just important for start-ups While pitching In today’s time-poor and information-overloaded world, getting attention, and getting your point across in a succinct manner, are valuable skills for every business person. Critique of the best start-up pitches Business Insider Australia has a great critique on some of the best start-up pitches from …

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The cloud landscape in Australia

cloud landscape in australia

Recently I gave a presentation to the IBM ThoughtsOnCloud team about the state of cloud computing in Australia. Here are the slides for anyone who is interested. [slideshare id=24128025&doc=cloudlandscapeinaustralia-130711013822-phpapp02]