The Project Manager – conductor or one-man band?

There are many different metaphors used to describe Project Managers. So many in fact that you may have cause to ask What the Hell is project Management, Anyway? Project Management metaphors Some of the most common metaphors used include: Sports Coach Military Commander Movie Director While some of the more obscure metaphors include: Batman Lifeguard Cat …

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Scrum Maturity Model presentation in Sydney on Wednesday 27 January.

A quick heads-up that James Cowden is giving a presentation next Wednesday night in Sydney on the Scrum Maturity Model (SMM). This should be an interesting topic with Scrum being a leading Agile methodology, and Maturity Model bringing back memories of the Capability Maturity Model (CMM) which was fairly popular in the 1990’s.

Eliminate wastage from your stand-ups

eliminate waste

One of the critical concepts behind Lean is to eliminate wastage. You can apply this wastage elimination to all the processes within your project, including the daily stand-up meetings.

Product Development @ Atlassian talk tomorrow night.

Just a quick reminder that Joseph Ayoub is giving a talk on Product Development at Atlassian tomorrow night, Thursday 14/1/2016. Here’s a quick synopsis: With an ambitious mission statement to ‘unleash the potential in every team’ and ‘advance humanity though the power of software’, Atlassian isn’t afraid to do things differently. Developers, Product people and …

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Software Costs Estimation In Agile Project Management

Software Cost Estimation is one of the more difficult aspects of Agile Software Development. Software Estimation has always been challenging and Agile doesn’t necessarily make this type of predictive exercise any easier.   Customers, whether they be external or internal, are used to working in fixed price contracts. Getting customers to agree to fixing Time and Cost, but …

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How to “slice the elephant” – real-life Agile Scaling.

No excuse for lousy software

Henrik Kniberg, author of the “Scrum and XP from the Trenches”, gave the opening keynote at the Agile Tour Bangkok conference on Saturday 21 November in Thailand. His talk was titled “Real-life Agile Scaling” and includes some great insights into scaling Scrum. Especially interesting is his take on Minimum Viable Product (MVP) which he believes …

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