Key communication lessons from the best start-up pitches


Pitching is no longer just important for start-ups

While pitching In today’s time-poor and information-overloaded world, getting attention, and getting your point across in a succinct manner, are valuable skills for every business person.

Critique of the best start-up pitches

Business Insider Australia has a great critique on some of the best start-up pitches from a variety of different sources. Most of the featured pitches have been quite successful, such as zocodc which has been valued at $750 million.

Key Communication Strategies

The various pitches have been analysed and boiled down to several key communication strategies, which are listed below.

The first two points are highly applicable to almost any business presentation or interaction, while the rest of the points may need to be tailored slightly for non-pitch situations.

  • If you don’t grab people within the first minute, they’re going to start checking their email.
  • Tell the story through the problem. It needs to be a story about problems and solutions. 
  • Have a concrete business plan and drive home how you’re going to make money.
  • Know your material, and keep the energy up.
  • When pitching directly to an investor, make sure you say what you’re going to do with the money.
  • Finish strongly and sum up why someone should invest in the company.

These are great strategies to help us all get our points across better.