Unlocking the Agile Mindset

The Seven Keys to Realising Agile's Full Potential

Unlocking The Agile Mindset

The problem - Lacklust or Failed Agile

Some organisations have enjoyed much success with implementing Agile, delivering more value faster, becoming more responsiveness to change, transforming organisational culture, and moving to new and better ways of working.

But for many others, their Agile journey has been less fruitful, and their Agile transformations have turned out mediocre (or even worse). The initial promise of Agile often fails to materialise. While Agile can look simple from the outside, achieving success can frustratingly prove anything but easy - the product in the box doesn’t look anything like the drawing on the outside of the box. The result is that Cargo Cult Agile and Faux Agile are rampant in many organisations today.

What accounts for such a difference between the successes and the failures? After hundreds of hours of investigation, research and interviews, I discovered that the solution is hidden in plain sight.

The Solution - The Agile Mindset

Agile is a Mindset, a way of being, a significantly different way of thinking about the world. But many organisations have treated Agile as just another workflow process, a replacement for their project management methodology, or the latest management fad that they need to jump on to so not to appear behind the times.

Not so fast! What is The Agile Mindset?

While other leaders in the Agile community have identified that Agile is a mindset, few, if any, have ventured beyond that to specify what that mindset is. Only knowing that Agile is a mindset is not particularly helpful by itself. In order to effect real change, we need to know what the mindset is - the contents, the component pieces, the details, and how it contrasts to traditional ways of thinking. Only then can we start to realise the dormant potential that Agile has only delivered to a few select organisations.

Unlocking The Agile Mindset is a deep-dive into the underpinning philosophies, thinking and mental models which underpin Agile, and contrasts these to the legacy mindsets still prevalent in many of today’s organisations.

This book contains the seven keys to the Agile Mindset. These keys will empower you and your organisation to mature beyond following rigid frameworks and processes, to a place where true agility is pervasive and Agile finally delivers on the results and benefits that it can.