Domino/SugarCRM Synchronizer – any interest from customers or BP’s?

A few years ago I partnered with Infobridge to develop a Domino Synchronizer for SuperOffice CRM to replace a solution based on Nokia’s Intellisync.

The Domino Synchronizer for SuperOffice CRM is a pretty cool product, if I do say so myself.  It works in both real-time and batch modes (or synchronous and asynchronous modes if you prefer), doesn’t require any modification to Lotus Notes mail templates, nor the installation of any third-party software (such as MQ series).  Plus it supports Lotus Notes clients, iNotes/DWA, Traveller and off-line Lotus Notes clients with periodic replication.

Given that IBM has formed such a strong partnership with SugarCRM, I’m keen to gain the level of interest in a similar synchronization solution for Domino and SugarCRM.

So what do you think?

Is this useful for your company or your customers? Is this something you’re chomping at the bit for?  Or does it bring a yawn?  Let me know.

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