Unlocking the Agile Mindset – The Seven Keys to Being Agile

Book Cover: Unlocking the Agile Mindset - The Seven Keys to Being Agile

There is a lot of talk around about adopting the Agile mindset, the need to embrace to an Agile culture and the move from "Doing Agile" to "Being Agile".

And like a lot of people, I completely agree with these sentiments.

But dig a little deeper and you will find more questions than answers.

  • What exactly is the Agile Mindset?
  • What isn't considered part of the Agile Mindset?
  • How do we actually move "Doing Agile" to "Being Agile"?
  • When we will know that we have it?
  • Why is Agile success so elusive?

I have been seeking answers these questions for the last 14 months. During this time I've spent hundreds of hours attending conferences and meetups, reading books, watching videos and interviewing Agile gurus.

In the end I discovered several key principles which embody the Agile Mindset and underpin Agile success.

In my upcoming book I'm going to share these key Agile principles with you. But I'll go beyond just explaining these principles in depth, I'll also contrast how the principles differ from traditional approaches - how the thinking and philosophy behind them is different. I'll also show how to transition from "Doing Agile to "Being Agile", and how to recognise when you've arrived there.

Coming soon...